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John 1:35-51

Jesus, be Lord over ALL my life


“Come … and you will see” (v39 NIV)

“Come along and see for Yourself” (v39 MSG)

“Come and see” (v46 NIV)

“Come, see for yourself” (v46 MSG)

… invitations … not simply to a place, not to a building, not to a worship service, not to a class … invitations to the ultimate relationship … first extended by the One who desires and offers such … then extended by one who had experienced such …

Father, thank You for extending this invitation to me.  Thank You for the lives You connect with mine, so that I can let them know of my relationship with You and then invite them to “come along and see for yourself.”  Cause my path to cross with others who need to be invited to meet You.

Thanks so much for times when You’ve let me see this scenario, like in the passage, played out before me.  Thanks for the opportunity over a decade ago to teach a lesson from this portion of Your Word.  We looked at how You seemed to call Your disciples to “Come & see,” “Come, follow me,” “Come build with Me,” and “Come lead with Me.”  Just after that lesson, You prompted a friend of mine to extend Your initial invitation to a friend of hers.  She invited her to “come and see.”  Not long after that, the one invited had invited a second to “come and see, ” and later, a third, and a fourth.  The fourth one invited another. Some of those invited, also heard You say “Come follow Me,” and have taken steps in the direction.  It’s just exciting to see Your handiwork in and through our lives!

As I accept Your invitations to “Come build with and lead with Me,” I trust You to prepare me for what You have prepared for me in each hour of today.  I give You me, Lord — frail at times, doubting sometimes, sinful many times, but mostly, desiring all the time (even when it can’t be seen or heard in or from me) for You to have Your way with all of me, to make me just like Jesus.  Amen.

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