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John 9:1-4

Father, every bit of the person You’d have me to be, I long to be.


“This happened so that the work of God might be displayed in his life” (v 3)

How many times have the circumstances of my own life allowed “the work of God” to be displayed Father?  Little things and big things –

You’ve made a way where there’s been no way!

You made possible what seemed impossible.

You’ve restored hope where despair had set up camp.

You’ve supplied when supplies were scarce.

You’ve healed, helped, strengthened and soothed.

When I am weak, I am strong because it means that YOU get to be seen at work in me.  Thank You for the tough times.  They make me trust in You.  They bring me to the reality that only YOU have all that I need.

“Blessed are they who are totally dependent on Jesus for their joy.” – Max Lucado

Drench my heart with the realization that You are my Source. Make me just like you, Jesus.  Amen.

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