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Mark 4:26-29

Show me Jesus, Father, and show others the Jesus in me.


FAITHFUL FARMER – Issue 1 Vol. 1, Article 2

“Seed Cultivation Brings a Harvest Realized”

Father, thanks for the word pictures You use to offer understanding of Your kingdom, Your will, and Your own nature.  Thank You for even the privilege of being able and allowed to know You personally — all because of Jesus’ death on the cross, which opened the way to You.  (Heb 10:19-22; Mark 15:38)

In this passage, You tell of a farmer who goes out to sow seed.  The most he can do is sow it and possibly try to keep pests away.  Once sown into the ground, the rest is up to You.  Making it grow is Your department.  You supply the sunlight, the rain, the genetic make-up of the seed, the nutrients in the soil.  The growth of a seed is primarily slow, certain, and continual, with You as the Source of it’s power and design to grow.  The farmer can only wait in faith for You to ripen the seed for harvest.

You have used many “farmers” in my lifetime to “sow seeds” in the soil of my heart.  My Sunday School and VBS teachers as a child and teen regularly sowed Your Word.  Various other extended family members, adults, and peers in my early years sowed the seeds which produced fruit in interpersonal relationships.  Others sowed the seeds from which vocational interests grew … and on and on.  The seeds were sown and You’ve been the one to tend them and grow them, so that a harvest can be realized.

In taking a different perspective, I can look back over the years of my journey with You and see ways You’ve used me to sow seeds into the lives of others.  You placed me into Bible-teaching roles even as a young teen who’d recently accepted You as Lord and Savior.  You drew me, sent me, and sustained me through Bible college, giving connections with row after row of lives in the fields of Your kingdom.  Beyond college, You have done the same, expanding further with each passing season.

All this sowing — both in me and by me — is something huge to consider.  Yet, there’s that little fact You convey in this parable: My role is to sow it; Your role is to grow it.  You are the life source, the life force, setting each life’s course, as You bring about that slow, certain, continual growth in each person.

Thank You for what’s been sown in me.  Grow it into a reflection of Jesus.  Amen.

(This issue of “Faithful Farmer” wraps up this series on Kingdom Seeds next with “Small Commencement Brings Huge Results.”)

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