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Mark 4:35-41 – Trust No One Else

Show me Jesus, Father, and show others the Jesus in me.


[This devotion was originally written for the program booklet for the 1999 Jr. High Connection held in Effingham, IL.  The theme was “The Storm.” This will help you figure out why it sounds like part of it is addressed to a jr. high student. :-)]

Trust No One Else

Just like any other day, you leave home, get to school, and head to your locker, or the place where you keep your stuff.  You get ready and go to your first class, talking to your friends along the way.  When you reach your classroom, that’s when the day takes a turn toward the out-of-the-ordinary.

There’s a new teacher and, for a change, your first impression is a good one.  He’s fun (the first item on your checklist) and he’s real.  With each school day, you can tell the guy knows what he’s talking about, that he honestly likes being there every day, and that he really cares about each student, including you.  When you’ve not understood something, you’ve been able to ask this teacher. You’ve experienced his spending time helping you get it straight in your head.  You’ve grown to know him and trust him to do his job well, to be there for you and for the entire class.

One day in class, you’re working on a difficult exam, and your teacher has stepped outside the door for a short time.  You thought you had studied, but you can’t believe how hard it is!  In addition, the grade on this test is worth more than any other has been, and will be a major part in determining your grade for the semester (and you actually care about all that).  Plus, you woke up with a killer headache, your allergies are driving you crazy, and the annoying kid in the back row is throwing Skittles at the back of your head, chanting “loser” remarks at you.  AAA!  It’s too much!  It’s too much!!  Where’s the teacher?!  WHY isn’t he doing something?!  Why isn’t he there?  Doesn’t he care?!!

Read the book:            Mark 4:35-41

These disciples had been following You, Jesus, for less than a year.  They’d seen You show Your power over evil spirits, sickness, and disease.  They’d witnessed You came across with such great authority, and how that ticked off the religious leaders who thought they were in charge.  These disciples in the boat mentioned in this passage had been given special authority too and a special task of preaching Your truth.  They heard You teach powerful lessons that You helped them understand.  They knew You, Jesus, but when the storms came upon them, they freaked out.  The big test question they faced was, “Do we really trust Jesus to save us?”

That’s the same question before me on my own faith journey.  No matter what elements make up the “storm” I might be facing in any season of life, the main question for me to honestly answer is “Do I trust Jesus to save me?”  For some “storm” types, this might be the first time I’ve needed to face that question.  Or, it might be a repeat situation and/or challenge to deepen me faith in You.

Whatever my circumstances are, I can picture myself in that boat with the disciples, as the waves and the winds beat against it.  I need a Savior.  You’ve been right there all the time.  You have the power to handle the storms of my life — whether You calm the storm or calm me in the midst of it.  Do I trust You, Jesus?  Will I trust You to save me?

(c)1999 Kat Kreations   Jr. High Connection ‘99   Friday Night Devo

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