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Mark 12

Show me Jesus, Father, and show others the Jesus in me.


“Love the Lord your God

with all your HEART                   (emotionally)

& with all your SOUL                  (spiritually)

& with all your MIND                   (mentally)

& with all your STRENGTH         (physically)

Love your neighbor                     (socially)

as yourself                    (unselfishly)

(v 30-31 NIV)

Father, when I reflect on the gift You gave in Jesus, how You sent Your only Son to this earth for the purpose of dying for me, so that I could know You personally … I see how totally, completely You loved me in all that You’ve done … and keep on doing.  Because You love me so completely, You desire that my love for You be a total-love, that I give ALL of me as my gift of love to You (like the widow’s gift at the end of this chapter).

I’m at Your mercy, Lord, when it comes to being able to love others as You’ve loved me.  You see my humanness get in the way.  It’s in You alone that I can even consider loving others.  Praise You, Father, for how You are able to change a person’s nature, a person’s character, so that a more distinct reflection of Your Son emerges.

Lord, here is my HEART … revive it;

here is my SOUL … restore it;

here is my MIND … renew it;

here is my STRENGTH … use it.

Lord, there is my neighbor …

help me to love like You.  Amen.

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