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Mark 15

Show me Jesus, Father, and show others the Jesus in me.


How much You love me, Father!  In so many ways, You’ve gone all out to show me the extent, the depth, the richness of Your love for me!  There on a cross the body of Your Son hung as He bore every sin of mine.  So that I could know You personally and grow intimately acquainted with You, He died.  So that I could one day see You face to face, He rose from the dead.

You created this world.

You sustain this world.

You visited this world.

You died for this world.

You redeemed this world.

You loved this world …

and “this world”

includes me.

Thank You, Father, for Your love for me!  Thank You for holding me close, for calling me to follow You, for shaping my life to be just like Jesus one day.  Amen.

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