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Luke 2:1-7

Father, thank You for Jesus and the life I have in Him!


At a time when Rome ruled the known world, these events took place.  Romans were looked upon as being like gods.  Yet, born in a grimy stable was a baby who truly was God.

True to Your character and faithfulness, Lord, You orchestrated the events of human history to bring about the fulfillment of Your promises as You brought our Messiah into this world.  Rome’s reign meant taxes must be paid.  A census aided in the collection of those taxes.  This government required each person to be in his or her home town during the census.  So, a decree from an ungodly government brought the parents-to-be to the very town which had been prophesied to be the birth place of the child who would restore godliness to Your creation.

So many of Your followers at that time had been expecting a royal parade with pomp and splendor to herald the arrival of the prophesied King and Messiah.  But Your plan is always perfect and the very best.  You chose to arrive as a dependent human baby born in a filthy stable.  This just highlights another truth about You: You are always at work wherever You are needed–not just in the clean and beautiful areas, but also in the dark and dismal.

You came as a baby, yet You grew up, Jesus.  Let me never only think of You as merely a cute baby on a Christmas card.  You grew up, taught me how to live by Your words and example; then You died for me, so that I might become like You!  Like that song I sang as a child:  “Little Baby Jesus, born in Bethlehem… Little Baby Jesus, born to die, to suffer on the cross for You and for [me]…”  You cried out in the manger-crib and later cried out from the cross …all because of Your love!  Thank You for coming to save me, Jesus!

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