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Next Devo-Prayers Set

Through these Devo-Prayers, we’ve been stepping through the Gospels–the books of the Bible that tell the account of Jesus’ life on earth.  We’ve strolled through Matthew, John, Mark, and just finished Luke.  Luke also wrote the book of Acts, which gives a historical account of the birth of the Church, the Body of Christ.  With the next entry, we’ll dive into what’s called by some Bible translations “The Acts of the Apostles.”

Devo-Prayers ~ Praying through the Scriptures

Each posting contains a first-person prayer based on a particular chapter or passage from the Bible.  The Bible passage reference is provided above the devotional prayer, so you can also refer to the scripture which inspired the prayer.  Posts that are found via Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn usually provide an excerpt from the full post.

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