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1 Corinthians 7 (Part 2)

Yes, Lord! My life is in YOUR hands.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

An excerpt from The Path of Loneliness by Elisabeth Elliott:

With a heart at leisure…from itself, Isaiah could answer, “Here I am. Send me.”

I was pondering this matter when the Lord brought straight into my kitchen table yesterday a living example of such a heart. A bright young woman and I were eating lamb sandwiches. I asked her if she is lonely.

“Lonely? Why should I be?”

“You’re single. Most of the single people I know talk about being lonely.”

With a look of surprise and then a laugh she said, “Oh no. You see, I have a sense of expectancy every day. What does the Lord want to do with me today? I have no agenda of my own.”

No agenda of my own. There’s the key to Linda’s freedom. I continued to question her. Yes, she said, she knows what loneliness feels like–it’s isolation, when you think you can’t reach anybody, nobody reaches you, you’re cut off. You have your own agenda.

“What do you mean by an agenda?” I asked.

“Thinking there’s only one solution and God has to give you that or nothing. You have a closed mind. A closed mind is a closed heart and a closed door.”

Now I recognized the reason for the smile which seems always to light Linda’s face. I think it must come from her wholehearted acceptance of God’s “agenda.”

“I love solitude,” she said. “As I drove up here this morning [it was a dazzling winter morning of sunshine and blue sky and blue shadows on the snow] I didn’t have the radio on. I wasn’t listening to tapes. I was just quiet. I love times like that.”

The heart which has no agenda but God’s is the heart at leisure from itself.  Its emptiness is filled with the Love of God.  Its solitude can be turned into prayer.

Father, as I step aside and hand You the pen, You write out the agenda for my life. You be the one to determine where, when, how we go throughout each day.  Thank You for Your companionship along each path and throughout each activity.  Take my life and make it a vessel of blessing as We go.  Amen.

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