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Colossians 2:6-7

Father, make me more like Jesus.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

There was a day, Jesus, when I accepted Your offer of salvation.  Thank You for Your gift to me.  Since that time, You’ve shown me that looking to You as my Savior takes but a moment, yet making You my Lord takes a lifetime.  This passage reminds me of what it takes daily, continually, to remain in You.  Help me to:


Draw me into Your presence throughout each day.  Let’s start each morning together, even before I step out of bed.  Turn my thoughts to You, if only to speak Your name, “Jesus” and perhaps to say “Good morning.”  Call on me to commit the day ahead to You, even if You ask me to kneel or bow before You, so that it’s set in my mind that I belong to You, the day belongs to You.  In every moment, every task of the day, bring to my mind reminders of You.  Prompt me to focus on You, to call out to You, even if all I can do is to call Your name, “Jesus.”  I know You’ll hear me and You’ll be present with me in all things.


Ground me firmly in Your Word, Father.  Cause the knowledge I carry in my head to be thoroughly intertwined with Your will as unveiled in Your Word.  Instill Your wisdom and understanding in me, as You also reveal Your character to me.  Build me, shape me, mold me into one who is a replica of Your Son.  And keep me growing, no matter what.


You, O Lord, are a Shield around me.  You are my Fortress, my Deliverer, my Strength.  You alone are able to keep my faith strong and steadfast.  I need You to protect me from doubt, worry, and fear–the arrows of the enemy that can threaten to tear at my faith in You.  Guard my heart and mind.  Remind me of my part in choosing to believe You and to trust You to be faithful.  Keep me close to You, for a shield does no good when it’s held too far from a soldier’s body.  I want to be right up next to You as we face each battle together.


Create in me an abiding attitude of gratitude; one that causes me to genuinely thank You for even the hardest of times or most strenuous trials.  Cause the words “thank You” to be so natural to roll off my tongue or to burst forth from my heart in prayer or song.  In reality, everything I endure or experience has first passed through Your hands.  You are the Master Architect who is designing this house, called by my name, into a place where Jesus dwells and has the run of the house … a place that You can use to minister to others, so that they can know the One who resides in me.

As I live in You, grow in You, trust in You and thank You, keep making me just like Jesus.  Amen.

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