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Galatians 4:21-5:1, 13

Papa, You’ve set me free from any chain that tries to bind me

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Father, throughout Scripture You’ve shown, in page after page, life after life, that You promise to accomplish that which I cannot do on my own.  You not only promise, but You fulfill Your promise.

You told Abraham that You would make his descendants of such a huge number that he couldn’t count them.  But like most of us, he only sort of believed You and he tried to help You out by having a son with Hagar.

WHAT a symbol of the times when I try to work stuff out on my own! . . .and then I don’t end up with Your best for me, just some shoddy shadow of what could’ve been. . .  maybe even sometimes, something so hideous that there’s not even a resemblance to what You promised.

Now, what You did later by giving Isaac to Abraham and Sarah was so typically You!  You say, “I will do this…” and then, You do what You promised… in YOUR way, in YOUR time—and there’s NO doubt that it’s of YOU!

There are promises You’ve made to me in Your Word that I need to believe and there are some that I may only sort of believe.  Grant me Your grace, Father, to trust You even more—to wait on You and expect You to act in my life, coming through with Your very best for me…. it’s the BEST for me, because You made me, You know me and You can see the “finished product.”  You have the picture on the box lid as You put the pieces of my life together… until the day I’ll be formed into the image of Your Son!

Lord, You’ve set me free from the old stuff of the law and the slavery to having to do every little thing just right in order to be acceptable to You.  Jesus, You set me free to live a free life in You.  Help me to make sure that I don’t use that freedom as an excuse to do whatever I want to do, to “indulge my sinful nature” just because I can, and thus destroy my freedom.  Instead, guide me in using my freedom to serve others in love, since that’s how freedom grows.

Where my thinking needs re-wired, where my attitude needs remodeled, do Your work in me, Lord, as You build my spiritual house in which You CHOOSE to dwell.  Thank You for residing in my heart–Your presence with me.  May You and I do this day together, as You make me more like Jesus and touch lives through me!

Draw me into Your Word, Lord.  And I’m not talking about some little devotional that points out an applicable verse or even a topical study. Call me to simply sit and read Your Word.  And when I do, do something in me that I’ve not known before. Give me such an understanding of what I read that I can immediately grasp what YOU are saying to me in whatever passage to which I turn.  Prompt me to ask You to unfold Your Word before me… to give me the ability to comprehend thoroughly what You have to say… Make it such an intimate experience when I read Your Word that I can’t wait to open the pages again… or that I have a hard time putting it down.  Lord, only YOU can create this in me… and I’ve seen You do it in me several years ago when I asked You to do so. Knowing that You’re the same God, I’m convinced that You can and will do this again in this season of my life. Amen.

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