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Next Set of Devo-Prayers: Titus

Through these Devo-Prayers, we stepped through the Gospels–the books of the Bible that tell the account of Jesus’ life on earth (Matthew, John, Mark, and Luke). We journeyed through Luke’s other work, the book of Acts, which gives a historical account of the birth of the Church, the Body of Christ.

Then, we began diving into the letters that Paul wrote to the saints, or believers/Christians, in various cities or regions.  Those included his letter to believers in Rome (Romans) and then his letters to the believers in Corinth (1st and 2nd Corinthians), the region of Galatia (Galatians), Ephesus (Ephesians), Philippi (Philippians), and Colosse (Colossians), the first letter Paul wrote to believers in Thessalonica (1st & 2nd Thessalonians). Next, we strolled through the two letters that Paul wrote to Timothy, a young preacher whom he mentored in the faith.

Next, we’ll go through the letter Paul wrote to Titus, whom Paul led to the faith.  Titus was a considerable help to Paul in his ministry, as a capable and resourceful leader.

Devo-Prayers ~ Praying through the Scriptures

Each posting contains a first-person prayer based on a particular chapter or passage from the Bible. The Bible passage reference is provided above the devotional prayer, so you can also refer to the scripture which inspired the prayer. Posts that are found via Facebook, Twitter, and/or LinkedIn usually provide an excerpt from the full post.

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