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James 2:1-13

Jesus, be my FIRST Love always

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“My dear friend, don’t let public opinion influence how you live out our glorious, Christ-originated faith.” (2:1 MSG) “… don’t show favoritism.” (2:1 NIV)

Father, give me Your eyes to look through when I look at others.  Allow me to see them the way You see them, to have compassion for them, as You do.  May I be Your hands and voice to touch their lives with Your love, mercy and grace. Teach me to love like You love.Grace-notext


When You extend mercy to me, Lord, You don’t give me what I deserve.  Out of Your immense love for me, You held back the penalty I deserve for my sin.  You took the judgment meant for me and sentenced Your Son with it….and through that act, You gave even more than mercy!  You gave Your grace … giving me what I did NOT, do not deserve: freedom from sin, a pure heart, Your continual presence, assurance of a home with You beyond this life.

Thank You for going beyond justice to mercy, so that I might know You and be molded by You to be just like Jesus, especially in the ways that I relate to others.  Amen.

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