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The key question in life is not “How strong am I?” but “How strong are YOU, Lord?” (adapted from Max Lucado)

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“…To those who have been CALLED, who are LOVED by God the Father and KEPT by Jesus Christ” (v 1 NIV)


Father, You have called me out of the darkness of my sin, which had separated me from You (Colossians 1:13-14).  You saw me in my sinful state and desired for me to know You.  You know my name and called out to me.  You knew all about me and spoke to me in just the way You knew I’d hear best.


Long, long before I ever thought or knew of my need for You, You were loving me.  You were at work to convey Your most ultimate expression of love for me: Jesus and His death on the cross.


When You called to me and showed me Your gift of love, I accepted.  You have my heart and You continue to hold me near to Yours.

Thank You, Daddy, for calling me, loving me, and keeping me as You make me just like Jesus.  Amen.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Our Father
When you come to God in prayer,
you don’t come to a stranger who needs an introduction,
or to an enemy who is against you.
You do not come to a statue that cannot see or hear,
or to some mean and impersonal deity who needs to be appeased.
You come to your Father,
whose heart reaches out to you in goodness and kindness,
who knows every detail about your life, and
who wants you to come and welcomes your company.
He wants you to come as a child
who is loved …
who is accepted …
who is cared for … and
who is secure.
He wants you to come in openness … in confidence … in truthfulness.
He waits to hear your heart and
to share His heart with you
— Roy Lessin

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