John 2:12-24

Father, every bit of the person You’d have me to be, I long to be.


“…many people noticed the signs He was displaying and, seeing they pointed straight to God, entrusted their lives to Him.” (v23 MSG)

Thank You, Father, that even though I didn’t get to see Your Son’s works firsthand, You made it possible for me to see Him through Your Word.  You allow me to read about the things in Him which drew people to put their trust in Him.  And You draw me too.  I choose to “entrust my life to You.”

Make me a vessel of Your love to others.  In some ways, this will require heart and mind surgery on me by Your skillful, loving hands.  Fill me with YOU to the point where I find my needs, of all kinds, fully met in You and by You.  Ground me in a confidence that there is nothing I lack since I belong to You.  And with that assurance, free me to love others selflessly, in the way You love them.  I recognize that I can only be Your love to others when I am totally dependent on Jesus for my joy.  Oh, Father, help me to be so.

“Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee…” (from the hymn “Take My Life”).  Make me just like Jesus–more and more each day, week, month, year that You give me on this earth.  Take my eyes so totally off myself that I see nothing before me but the needs of others.

John 2:1-11

Jesus, be Lord over ALL my life


“He thus revealed His glory, and His disciples put their faith in Him.”  (v 11 NIV)

Something out-of-the-ordinary was done to something ordinary by One who was just beginning to be recognized as being extraordinary.

Father, thank You for the times in everyday life when You show Your power, when You show me that You are bigger than even the biggest stuff in my life.  You show me how I truly need You for every little thing.  You have taken my heart, so simple and naive back then, and have been kneading it, molding it, reshaping it, … just transforming this once simple lump of clay into a vessel which holds Your Spirit and carries Your message as I go through each day of life You supply.  Keep making me just like Jesus, Lord; so the world sees Him when they look at me.  Amen.

John 1:35-51

Jesus, be Lord over ALL my life


“Come … and you will see” (v39 NIV)

“Come along and see for Yourself” (v39 MSG)

“Come and see” (v46 NIV)

“Come, see for yourself” (v46 MSG)

… invitations … not simply to a place, not to a building, not to a worship service, not to a class … invitations to the ultimate relationship … first extended by the One who desires and offers such … then extended by one who had experienced such …

Father, thank You for extending this invitation to me.  Thank You for the lives You connect with mine, so that I can let them know of my relationship with You and then invite them to “come along and see for yourself.”  Cause my path to cross with others who need to be invited to meet You.

Thanks so much for times when You’ve let me see this scenario, like in the passage, played out before me.  Thanks for the opportunity over a decade ago to teach a lesson from this portion of Your Word.  We looked at how You seemed to call Your disciples to “Come & see,” “Come, follow me,” “Come build with Me,” and “Come lead with Me.”  Just after that lesson, You prompted a friend of mine to extend Your initial invitation to a friend of hers.  She invited her to “come and see.”  Not long after that, the one invited had invited a second to “come and see, ” and later, a third, and a fourth.  The fourth one invited another. Some of those invited, also heard You say “Come follow Me,” and have taken steps in the direction.  It’s just exciting to see Your handiwork in and through our lives!

As I accept Your invitations to “Come build with and lead with Me,” I trust You to prepare me for what You have prepared for me in each hour of today.  I give You me, Lord — frail at times, doubting sometimes, sinful many times, but mostly, desiring all the time (even when it can’t be seen or heard in or from me) for You to have Your way with all of me, to make me just like Jesus.  Amen.

John 1:19-34

Jesus, be Lord over ALL my life


“Here He is, God’s Passover lamb!  He forgives the sins of the world!  … There’s no question about it: this is the Son of God.” (v. 29, 34 MSG)

Thank You, Jesus, for coming to earth to be like me so that I could be like You.  Thank You for allowing Your body to be sacrificed in my place. Thank You for forgiving my sins. Thank You for making a way for me to know Your Father, God.  Thanks for making it possible for me to call Him “Papa” (Abba, in Your words) too.

You, Jesus, came here as “the God-Revealer” (v 31 MSG); so that those who know God might meet God in You.  You revealed His character, His will, His desires, His plan and His ways to us.  When You called me to follow You and I accepted and began that journey, You began to personally reveal our Father to me.  Thank You for each passing year as He and I become better and better acquainted.

Still, You don’t stop there!  You are continually shaping me so that I too am a “God-revealer” as I go, wherever I go.  May I please You each step of the way.  May others see in me the You who loves them so, the You who died so they could know freedom from sin, true peace within, and to one day see our Father’s smile.

Thank You, Jesus, for all that Your coming, dying, and rising make possible.  For as many days as You allow me to walk this earth, keep transforming me to become just like You and using me to help others know You. Amen.

John 1:1-18

Jesus, be Lord over ALL my life


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God and the Word was God. He was with God in the beginning.” (1:1-2 NIV)

“Everything was created through Him; nothing–not one thing!–came into being without Him.” (1:3 MSG)

“The Word became flesh and blood and moved into the neighborhood.” (1:14 MSG)

Ah! The One who made all things, including me, moved into my neighborhood for a while.  You experienced life as I know it.  You went through the same basic kinds of everyday life situations, choices and relationships.  And You did it while remaining holy and obedient to Your Father who sent You.  Oh, Jesus–make me just like You.

“We all live off His generous bounty, gift after gift after gift … exuberant giving and receiving, this endless knowing and understanding–all this came through You, Jesus, my Messiah.  No one has ever seen God, not so much as a glimpse. This one-of-a-kind God-expression, who exists at the very heart of the Father, has made Him plain as day.” (v. 14, 18 MSG)

Thanks so much for Your multitude of gifts!  Thanks for Your generosity in my direction!!  May I use what You supply in a manner which pleases You, Father.  Continue to shape my heart, my thinking, my desires, and my behavior to be like Jesus.  Amen.