A Shepherd at Jesus’ Birth

I am a shepherd,mural-Birth
brave and bold.
I tend, night and day,
a very large fold.

One night an angel appeared to
some others and me,
And said that in Bethlehem was a
Savior for us to see.

And that we would find him
wrapped in swaddling clothes.
Then came, praising God, a multitude
of angels of the heavenly host.

When the angels were gone,
we left with haste,
For the Savior we wanted to see so much,
no time did we waste.

After seeing the Savior
we spread the news we had been told.
Then we went back
to our fold.

I left feeling as
a new shepherd,
Rejoicing to God for
what I’d seen and heard.

© Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell (age 12) – dug this one out of some old papers.

We Don’t Need to Cry

As we walk alongSTEMROSE
Talking of our hurts and cares,
My mind looks back on the memories
Of the precious moments we have shared.
And I think of how He’s blessed me
With special and loving friends like you,
Who can touch the great joy
Within my heart and help it become
Fresh, alive, and new.

We don’t need to cry
At the moments we must part.
Your memory lingers on
And it can touch my heart.
Because we love Jesus
And praise His name on high,
Our friendship lasts forever
And we don’t need to cry

Seasons will arrive
When we’ll be separated.
At the times when we could use them,
We won’t be near to share our hugs
But we have memories to embrace
To fill the dreary and lonely moments.
Because of those memories,
We can have roses in December
That are beautiful

We don’t need to cry
At the moments we must part.
Your memory lingers on
And it can touch my heart.
Because we love Jesus
And praise His name on high,
Our friendship lasts forever
And we don’t need to cry

©1984 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

The Way We All Live United

TheWayWeAllLiveUnitedGive your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.
Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.

When you share your treasure, you’re touching lives all around you—
From the baby needing what young ones need
To the older adult without family
Your money gives the homeless a home, the hungry a meal, the jobless a job
All because you have chosen to …

Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.
Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.

When you share your time, you impact lives around you—
From the victim needing a safe way out
To surviving ones enjoying company
Your moments give the child a friend, the mom a mentor, the hurting a purpose
All because you have chosen to …

Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.
Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.

When you share your talents, you inspire lives all around you—
From the children needing some tutoring
To families with a wretched house
Your helping gives a house a roof, a wall some paint, a yard some cleaning
All because you have chosen to …

Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.
Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.

Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.
Give your best. Advocate. Volunteer. That’s the way we all live united.

The Way We All Live United© 2012 Kat Kreations/Kat Paw Music
Lyrics by Kathi (Kat) Isbell
Lead Vocals/Piano by Abby Whicker
Background Vocals/Guitar by Dan Dickerson
Production Assistance by Cathy Perrin
Cheerleading by Emily Baxter

See the rough video click here

When I Need You

When I need a place to hide,Source
You are my Shelter;
When I need a place to rest,
You are my Strength;
When I need a place for love,
You’re my Security.
When I need You,
You’re all things to me.

Lord, I need You always.
I need You always.
There’s never a day
When I can’t say
I need You always.

When I need a hand to hold,
You are my Comfort;
When I need a light to see,
You are my Guide;
When I need a word of hope,
You’re my Counselor.
When I need You,
You’re all things to me.

Lord, I need You always.
I need You always.
There’s never a day
When I can’t say
I need You always.

You’re my life.
You’re my breath.
You’re the reason I exist.

Lord, I need You always.
I need You always.
There’s never a day
When I can’t say
I need You always.

These lyrics were inspired by a poem written by Rebecca Barlow Jordan.  See the image for that poem.  I’ve sung these lyrics at home, but that tune has yet to be set to music or heard by others.

The drawing was inspired by the cover of a concert program during Sandi Patty’s Another Time, Another Place tour.

Lyrics and colored pencil drawing © Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

The Nature of Aluminum Dandelions


Within the name “Aluminum Dandelions” exist two distinct elements, which combine to form this unique breed of flowers, that grows in the King’s garden.

Aluminum is a well-known metal with high reflectivity and good electrical and thermal conducting abilities.  This metal resists rusting, is our most abundant metal, always occurs in combination, and can be recycled.

The name “dandelion” comes from a word meaning “lion’s tooth.”  “Lion” could be descriptive of a courageous or ferocious being or of a person of outstanding interest or importance.  The dandelion is a hardy, yellow-flowered composite plant.  Composite means that it is made up of distinct parts.  These plants are found in very many grassy areas.

Drawing from the properties of these two elements the King has fashioned and nurtured His Aluminum Dandelions.  These flowers reflect the warmth of His light to the world around them.  They are made of distinct parts, gently designed by the King’s hands into beings of outstanding importance in His garden.  Their roots grow deeply into the King’s soil to drink the nectar of His Word.  This nectar makes them hardy and able to resist decay, so that they may grow and produce fruit.

Again and again the Aluminum Dandelions serve as the King’s conductors.  As He transforms their yellow flowers into white, feather-light parachutes, He carefully blows them from one part of the garden to another.  Each of these chutes from each of the flowers carries a single seed.  This is the King’s way of creating more of His special Aluminum Dandelions, and thereby causing His garden to become increasingly more beautiful as the seasons pass.

[During the time when I was living on campus while taking some graduate courses, a few of us in the dorm started hanging out.  Many times we’d watch “Steel Magnolias.”  We called ourselves the Aluminum Dandelions.  Later, when I created a greeting card design with dandelions on the front, the description above is from that piece.]

Dedicated to Truvy (Kelli), Annelle (Becky), Clarie (Holly), Malynn (Brenda), Shelby (Chris) … from Weeza


I Love You, Lord

Have you ever been singing a simple chorus over and over then kind of wish there was more to it?  That’s what happened one day during my college years.  The chorus “I Love You, Lord” got into my head and after it rolled around a few times, the Lord led me to add another verse.  (See the third stanza below.)  Some time later, two more came along.  Below are the results.sign said

The first stanza is the original chorus recorded by Maranatha Music.  Hear it at this link or search for others.

I love You, Lord,
and I lift my voice to worship You.
O my soul rejoice!
Take joy, my King, in what You hear.
May it be a sweet, sweet sound in Your ear.

I love You, Lord,
and in You I’m cleansed. I’m free from guilt.
Oh! My sin is gone!
For me, my King, You gave Your life.
Now I know the love You have in Your heart!

I love You, Lord.
You are glorious and powerful,
O great Lord above!
Take me, my King, and use my life.
May it be a gift of love in Your hand.

I love You, Lord,
and with all my heart, I trust in You!
Oh! Your peace is mine!
Fill me, my King, and guide my path.
May I follow day by day in Your steps.

Stanza one and melody (c) Maranatha Music as sung by The Maranatha Singers or Laurie Klein at this link; stanzas two through four (c)Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

The wildest thing that the Lord blessed me with in regard to this extra verse (the third one) was when I was visiting a congregation in south central Illinois and during the worship service, the lyrics to I Love You Lord appeared on the screen as we sang.  Then, the stanza with “…O great Lord, above…” came up and we sang it. My friends there had added it to their worship songs they sing!  Go, God!  🙂

I CAN Trust You

I can trust YouWhen a Woman Trusts God book cover
I know that …
So, why don’t I?
I really have no answer …
Forgive me for leaving You out
I know You have
a special purpose
for my life—
And I am confident
that You will
bring it to completion …
Thank You
for sustaining me
when I falter.

Psalm 55:22,23; 56:3,4
©1985 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

Psalm 23 Prayer

Lord, You are our Shepherd; we shall lack nothing.Prayer Warrior Sheep
You make us lie down in green pastures,
lush and abundant for our needs.
You lead us beside quiet waters
from which we drink, unafraid,
finding a quenching for our thirsts.
You restore our souls–
even by merely Your presence in our lives.
You guide us in paths of righteousness,
directing our steps into that which brings You glory.
Even though we walk through the darkest valley,
in this world beset by the effects of sin,
we fear no evil, for You, our Daddy,
are with us each step of the way.
Your rod of holiness and Your staff of mercy bring comfort to us,
as You discipline us and embrace us with Your unfailing love.
You prepare a feasting table before us
in the presence of the enemies of our faith,
testifying to Your sovereign ability to meet all of our needs.
You anoint our minds with oil of gladness
–a joy inside, daily produced by the peace
of Your Spirit within us . . . abundantly overflowing!
Surely Your goodness and Your love will follow us
all the days of our lives,
and we will make our home in You,
as You dwell within us, forever. Amen.

–adapted from Psalm 23 by Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

When He Speaks

One day, when Jesus was visiting Simon, the Pharisee, having a meal at his house … a lady came in. She kept sobbing, kissing Jesus’ feet and washing them with her tears and perfume. Simon tried to tell Jesus what a sinful woman that was at His feet. But Jesus cut him off, and told him this story: “Two men were in debt to a banker. One owed five hundred silver pieces, the other fifty. Neither of them could pay up, and so the banker canceled both debts. Which of the two would be more grateful?” Simon answered correctly, “the one who was forgiven the most.”extravagant

After pointing out to Simon all that the woman had been doing since she arrived, He said, “She was forgiven many, many sins, and so she is very, very grateful. If the forgiveness is minimal, the gratitude is minimal.” Then, He spoke to her–the first words recorded–and said, “I forgive your sins. … Your faith has saved you. Go in peace.” (Luke 7:36-50 MSG)

When we take our wounded and wayward lives (hearts, minds, bodies, spirits) to Jesus, what healing! what pardon! what freedom there is to be found when He speaks forgiveness and peace to us! He wipes the stain away. He affirms our faith. He sends us out in peace, free from the chains we came into His presence wearing.

“I, even I,” said our Daddy, “am He who blots out your transgressions, for My own sake, and remember your sins no more” (Isaiah 43:25). “Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing!” (Is 43:18-19a). “I have swept away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist” (Is 44:22).

Though we know in our minds that all sin is sin, sometimes the shadow of our chains lurks around when the sin was one of “those” sins … the kind that come with an “open to the public” sign plastered all over them (even when you didn’t post it!). Still, sin is sin and His forgiveness is real forgiveness.

David Seamands once wrote, “When God forgives, He buries your sins in the sea of His forgiveness and forgetfulness. As Corrie ten Boom says, ‘He then puts a sign on the bank which says: NO FISHING ALLOWED.’ You have no right to dredge up anything that God has forgiven and forgotten. He has put it behind His back.” He chooses to forget.

The Oasis of Friendship

A friend is a God-designed oasis
that appears when He chooses
to minister to us in person.bench by water

Each of us has a life to live out for Him,
serving others through our gifts
in the opportunities He brings our way.

Sometimes our ministries coincide
with those of our friends
and we work side by side.

At other times we are called to minister
away from the sight of the oasis.

In those seasons, we remain connected
to our friends through prayer,
supporting each other from a distance,
until times of refreshing,
— visit, a phone call, a prayer time together–
bring the renewal of the oasis.

What sweet fellowship is shared
by hearts which have found the joy
of walking daily with the Lord!

What a blessing from above when our lives
allow us to enjoy moments near
the oasis of friendship!

(c)Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

Psalm of Reflection


Your Word You have kept throughout the ages of time
and throughout the decades of my life.
From day to day You sustain me,
You fashion my heart into one
which will resemble Your own when completed.
You provide for my every need.
You awaken me in the morning,
walk with me throughout the day,
and tuck me into bed at night.
You listen to my cry;
You enjoy my praise.
You answer my requests;
You direct my ways.
I lay into Your hands all that I am;
All that I am becoming, I place at Your feet.
Though my humanity impedes my progress
toward the waterfall of Your holiness,
You make a way; You are the Way:
Your life for my life
to give me life with You eternally
–Thank You, Lord!

(c)1995 Kat Kreations; written by Kathi Isbell


Each time I see your name,
I’m fascinated by the visual message
in the way your mother chose to spell your name.
Does it become visible to you as well?

In reading and observing gift items with names upon them,
I’ve known for awhile that your name means “lamb.”
As I looked at your name and broke it down,
two images came forth.

“Rac” could be close to “rack,”
which has been attributed many uses and definitions.
Its root associations relate meanings of “thorn” or “stubble.”
As a noun, it can mean “a cause of anguish or pain; acute suffering.”
As a verb, it conveys the meaning of
“to stretch or strain violently; to become forced out of shape.”
Much like the ancient torture tool,
“rack” is a word which simply conveys “pain.”

Then, comes the second part of your name, “heal.” What a splendor!
The definitions pour forth serenity:
“whole; to make sound or whole; to restore to health; mend; to patch up;
to restore to original purity or integrity.”
The “thorn,” the “cause of anguish…,” the forceful stretching—
ALL are taken away, as healing comes!

All that, packaged simply into your name!
No wonder your name itself has been given the meaning of “lamb.”!
Jesus…called the “Lamb of God” and “the Lamb who was slain”—
through His anguish and violently straining death,
brought about the healing available to us all!

You have a name which summarizes our Daddy’s entire plan
in coming to us as His Son, Jesus…
an innocent lamb, born to become a spotless sacrifice
for you and I…and the whole world!

May the pains of your own life find their healing
in this One who loves you so immensely.
May His comfort and restoration to you
spill over to those with whom you contact…
that they, by being acquainted with His lamb, Racheal,
might also come to know “the Lamb who was slain” for them!

©1995 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

This was written for a friend I met during a summer week at a church camp.ShepherdLamb



God led one of His sowers
to a fresh lot of soil.
He then handed the servant
a bundle of good seeds.
God would cause the seeds to grow,
if the sower would plant them.
So the sower watched for the time
–there’s a moment for everything, you know.

Here and there a seed went in
as the servant carefully planted.
Sometimes the seeds sank in very deep,
while others just lay on the top.
The sower sometimes had to stay inside
and watch as God watered the seeds.
almost every day the sower would visit the soil
to see how the seeds were doing.

The sower grew to care deeply for the soil
and tried to keep weeds and briars away.
Every now and then a sprout would poke through,
and the sower praised God for each one.
Oh, how long it seemed to the sower
that it took for those seeds to grow.
But God reminded that in His time
all things become beautiful.

So, the sower chose to trust God
and wait to see what He would do.
Someday, the sower knew, the soil would produce
and the fruit of its crop would be sweet.
Someday God would bring out beautiful blossoms
that would fill the air with their fragrance
Someday, someday …
only God knew.

©1990 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

I Know, But …

Inside my head the thoughts spin round and round.
You’re teaching me things that seem so foreign.
One day my heart is dragging on the ground;
Then, the next, I know I’m destined to win.

I know how joyous life can be in You,
That from Your riches, You’ll meet all my needs.
You become the heart of all that I do.
In other lives, You use me to plant seeds.

I know I cannot put my hope in people;
You, O Lord, are to be my everything.
My mind knows about all these things; but then,
To my old thoughts, my feelings want to cling.

From where does freedom from confusion come?
Is it through surrender and in Your time
That thoughts and feelings in oneness become,
Allowing me to keep that upward climb?

Does feeling in limbo mean You control?
Or is it just a step along the way?
Though confused, my eyes are still on the goal:
In Christ’s likeness I will be on that Day.

©1988 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell


My Hope and Prayer

My hope and prayer is thisSANDGUY
To someday be like You

Your loving eyes see deep inside
And have compassion on hurting souls

Your mercy reaches out each day
To those who have injured Your heart

Your forgiveness covers over their sin
And causes them to be clean once again

Your strength is always there
To lift up the wounded soldier

Your presence is all around
Giving courage and peace to those who seek you

My hope and prayer is this
To someday see in me
The things I see in You

Romans 8:25
©1985 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

Photo is of the back side of a sand sculpture done on the banks of the lake at Bond Christian Service Camp during a weekend retreat.  From this angle, one can’t see the open Bible shaped into the sand in front of the figure’s face.