Romans 2:1-16

Eyes speak so easily, Lord.  Let the eyes You’ve created for me master the words, “Jesus loves you.”

* * * * * * * * * * * *

“God is kind, but He’s not soft.  In kindness He takes us firmly by the hand and leads us into a radical life change.” (v 4 MSG)

There’s a child wandering off, where she’s been told not to go by her father.  Her father sees her heading for what he knows is harmful to her.  He goes to her, gently takes her hand, talks to her as he turns her around and leads her toward what he knows is best for her.  How does the child react?

Oh, Daddy!  Isn’t that a reoccurring scene in my life with You?  You’ve seen my thoughts venture into areas that only lead to despair.  Then, You’ve had to come take my hand and lead me out to Your realm of hope and peace.  You’ve seen my actions head for fields of disobedience, and You’ve made Your way to my side, taken my hand, and led me back to what’s best for me.

Thank You for Your kindness and Your mercy, Papa.  Thank You for each change You bring into my life–how You change my thinking, my attitudes, my actions.  Here am I–pliable clay in Your hands, so that You can continue to make me just like Jesus.  Amen.

John 1:19-34

Jesus, be Lord over ALL my life


“Here He is, God’s Passover lamb!  He forgives the sins of the world!  … There’s no question about it: this is the Son of God.” (v. 29, 34 MSG)

Thank You, Jesus, for coming to earth to be like me so that I could be like You.  Thank You for allowing Your body to be sacrificed in my place. Thank You for forgiving my sins. Thank You for making a way for me to know Your Father, God.  Thanks for making it possible for me to call Him “Papa” (Abba, in Your words) too.

You, Jesus, came here as “the God-Revealer” (v 31 MSG); so that those who know God might meet God in You.  You revealed His character, His will, His desires, His plan and His ways to us.  When You called me to follow You and I accepted and began that journey, You began to personally reveal our Father to me.  Thank You for each passing year as He and I become better and better acquainted.

Still, You don’t stop there!  You are continually shaping me so that I too am a “God-revealer” as I go, wherever I go.  May I please You each step of the way.  May others see in me the You who loves them so, the You who died so they could know freedom from sin, true peace within, and to one day see our Father’s smile.

Thank You, Jesus, for all that Your coming, dying, and rising make possible.  For as many days as You allow me to walk this earth, keep transforming me to become just like You and using me to help others know You. Amen.