Ephesians 3:1-13

Jesus, be the Lord over ALL my life.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Father, thank You for the gospel, or the “good news” of Jesus’ death and resurrection and of the salvation made possible by that once-for-all sacrifice!  Thank You for opening the door for Gentiles (non-Jews) to know You, to touch You, to become Yours.  Thanks for calling Paul to preach to Gentiles like me.  Because I can hear about Jesus, I can know You.  As I grow to know You, I increase my trust in You.

Through the working of Your power, You’ve given me Your grace and have called me Your servant.  By this grace, may I be found using the gifts You’ve given me by Your Spirit and the skills You’ve developed in me to proclaim the “unsearchable riches of Christ.”  Thank You for providing insight through Your Word into Your “intent … through the church” and Your “eternal purpose … accomplished in Christ…”  Thank You especially that “in Him and through faith in Him” I may approach You, my God, with freedom and confidence.

Thank You for the access to Your throne via the doorway opened by Jesus’ death on the cross.  Thank You for the freedom and the thrill to dance in Your presence, to be embraced by Your love and engulfed by the light of Your glory.

Make me a reflection this day of You.  May Your character, Your attitude, Your grace be mirrored by my life as You make me just like Jesus.