Greiner at Bat

It was during an afternoon ball game,
The sun was a bright yellow flame;
When “mighty” Steve Greiner stepped up to bat,
The crowd looked on from where they satlong-hair-baseball-player
The ball he tossed like a shiny new dime
And swung his bat at the right time.
He hit the softball with so much power
It seemed to fly for nearly an hour.
Directly to Kathi the softball flew;
But the bright shining sun blinded her view.
So now it’s known that “mighty” Greiner
Gave Isbell a left-eye shiner.

©1980 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

This piece as written at the start of a summer after a week of church camp during which I received a black eye during a softball game.  ‘Reached up to catch a pop fly just as the sun shone over the top of my mitt, right into my eyes.  I missed catching the ball in the mitt and caught it in my left eye!  LAST time I’ve ever played right field!

(No, the photo is not of Greiner really … but those of you who know him or have ever met him know it could pass fairly closely!)  😉