A Shepherd at Jesus’ Birth

I am a shepherd,mural-Birth
brave and bold.
I tend, night and day,
a very large fold.

One night an angel appeared to
some others and me,
And said that in Bethlehem was a
Savior for us to see.

And that we would find him
wrapped in swaddling clothes.
Then came, praising God, a multitude
of angels of the heavenly host.

When the angels were gone,
we left with haste,
For the Savior we wanted to see so much,
no time did we waste.

After seeing the Savior
we spread the news we had been told.
Then we went back
to our fold.

I left feeling as
a new shepherd,
Rejoicing to God for
what I’d seen and heard.

© Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell (age 12) – dug this one out of some old papers.