Each time I see your name,
I’m fascinated by the visual message
in the way your mother chose to spell your name.
Does it become visible to you as well?

In reading and observing gift items with names upon them,
I’ve known for awhile that your name means “lamb.”
As I looked at your name and broke it down,
two images came forth.

“Rac” could be close to “rack,”
which has been attributed many uses and definitions.
Its root associations relate meanings of “thorn” or “stubble.”
As a noun, it can mean “a cause of anguish or pain; acute suffering.”
As a verb, it conveys the meaning of
“to stretch or strain violently; to become forced out of shape.”
Much like the ancient torture tool,
“rack” is a word which simply conveys “pain.”

Then, comes the second part of your name, “heal.” What a splendor!
The definitions pour forth serenity:
“whole; to make sound or whole; to restore to health; mend; to patch up;
to restore to original purity or integrity.”
The “thorn,” the “cause of anguish…,” the forceful stretching—
ALL are taken away, as healing comes!

All that, packaged simply into your name!
No wonder your name itself has been given the meaning of “lamb.”!
Jesus…called the “Lamb of God” and “the Lamb who was slain”—
through His anguish and violently straining death,
brought about the healing available to us all!

You have a name which summarizes our Daddy’s entire plan
in coming to us as His Son, Jesus…
an innocent lamb, born to become a spotless sacrifice
for you and I…and the whole world!

May the pains of your own life find their healing
in this One who loves you so immensely.
May His comfort and restoration to you
spill over to those with whom you contact…
that they, by being acquainted with His lamb, Racheal,
might also come to know “the Lamb who was slain” for them!

©1995 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

This was written for a friend I met during a summer week at a church camp.ShepherdLamb



God led one of His sowers
to a fresh lot of soil.
He then handed the servant
a bundle of good seeds.
God would cause the seeds to grow,
if the sower would plant them.
So the sower watched for the time
–there’s a moment for everything, you know.

Here and there a seed went in
as the servant carefully planted.
Sometimes the seeds sank in very deep,
while others just lay on the top.
The sower sometimes had to stay inside
and watch as God watered the seeds.
almost every day the sower would visit the soil
to see how the seeds were doing.

The sower grew to care deeply for the soil
and tried to keep weeds and briars away.
Every now and then a sprout would poke through,
and the sower praised God for each one.
Oh, how long it seemed to the sower
that it took for those seeds to grow.
But God reminded that in His time
all things become beautiful.

So, the sower chose to trust God
and wait to see what He would do.
Someday, the sower knew, the soil would produce
and the fruit of its crop would be sweet.
Someday God would bring out beautiful blossoms
that would fill the air with their fragrance
Someday, someday …
only God knew.

©1990 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

I Know, But …

Inside my head the thoughts spin round and round.
You’re teaching me things that seem so foreign.
One day my heart is dragging on the ground;
Then, the next, I know I’m destined to win.

I know how joyous life can be in You,
That from Your riches, You’ll meet all my needs.
You become the heart of all that I do.
In other lives, You use me to plant seeds.

I know I cannot put my hope in people;
You, O Lord, are to be my everything.
My mind knows about all these things; but then,
To my old thoughts, my feelings want to cling.

From where does freedom from confusion come?
Is it through surrender and in Your time
That thoughts and feelings in oneness become,
Allowing me to keep that upward climb?

Does feeling in limbo mean You control?
Or is it just a step along the way?
Though confused, my eyes are still on the goal:
In Christ’s likeness I will be on that Day.

©1988 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell


My Hope and Prayer

My hope and prayer is thisSANDGUY
To someday be like You

Your loving eyes see deep inside
And have compassion on hurting souls

Your mercy reaches out each day
To those who have injured Your heart

Your forgiveness covers over their sin
And causes them to be clean once again

Your strength is always there
To lift up the wounded soldier

Your presence is all around
Giving courage and peace to those who seek you

My hope and prayer is this
To someday see in me
The things I see in You

Romans 8:25
©1985 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

Photo is of the back side of a sand sculpture done on the banks of the lake at Bond Christian Service Camp during a weekend retreat.  From this angle, one can’t see the open Bible shaped into the sand in front of the figure’s face.

The New Clothes

My clothes were tattered and torn.
My shoes were beaten and worn;
And my hair was always one big mess.

Then, one day I saw Your store.
The bright colors made me want more;
I just knew your clothes held happiness.Phil413

You gave me everything I tried on
And said they were paid for by Your Son
I wondered how to thank that Man so nice.

You said my words would never be enough,
That thanking Your Son is something tough;
I’d have to give myself as a living sacrifice.

Romans 12:1, 2; 13:14
©1985 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

When My Troubles Mount

When my troubles mount
and seem to weigh me down
it’s so easy to whine
and to long for my heavenly home

But, it’s in those trying timesNotquit-small
when my eyes should look to You
through the struggles You are working
to mold me into a precious stone

Give me Your strength and power
when I feel like quitting
instead of throwing in the towel
I must lift up my arms to You

Romans 5:3-5
©1985 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

Dear Healer

Father, You know her pain
You know just how she hurts
Take Your hand
And touch her soul
Drive the ache awayArtPrint-Heart4Him

You are the Healer
You make our lives anew
Searching inside us
All of our hurts show through
Thank You, dear Healer,
For all that You do.

Oh Lord, I run to You
When I am hurt inside
Help me know
You’re there with me
Listening to my cry

You are the Healer
You make our lives anew
Searching inside us
All of our hurts show through
Thank You, dear Healer,
For all that You do.

You lift me up above my pain
And make me soar with You
Leaving my hurts and sorrows
Way below me on the ground

You are the Healer
You make our lives anew
Searching inside us
All of our hurts show through
Thank You, dear Healer,
For all that You do.

©1984 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

These lyrics were written back when I think I was praying for someone who was going through something tough.

If You Remain in Him (Don’t Worry)

Don’t worry about tomorrow
For it’s just another day
Don’t worry about your sorrow


For He will send it away
Don’t worry about loneliness
For the Lord will stay with you
Don’t worry about being best
If you just try, that will do
If you remain in Him
And His words remain in you
And you believe in what you ask
It will all be given to you
Don’t worry about the darkness
For He’ll turn your night to day
Don’t worry about happiness
For you’ll have it if you pray
Don’t worry about eating well
For the Lord will fill your need
Don’t worry about seeing hell
If you the Lord’s words do heed.
If you remain in Him
And His words remain in you
And you believe in what you ask
It will all be given to you

©1981 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

These lyrics were set to music by two different musicians I’ve known.  One was one of my music teachers in school, who played it on a piano. Another was a friend from high school who composed and sang it with a guitar.  I have no recordings of either version and only the hand-written sheet music of the version composed by my former music teacher.  See the image below.)  Bummer 😦

If You Remain in Him-Isbell-Wright

Greiner at Bat

It was during an afternoon ball game,
The sun was a bright yellow flame;
When “mighty” Steve Greiner stepped up to bat,
The crowd looked on from where they satlong-hair-baseball-player
The ball he tossed like a shiny new dime
And swung his bat at the right time.
He hit the softball with so much power
It seemed to fly for nearly an hour.
Directly to Kathi the softball flew;
But the bright shining sun blinded her view.
So now it’s known that “mighty” Greiner
Gave Isbell a left-eye shiner.

©1980 Kat Kreations/Kathi Isbell

This piece as written at the start of a summer after a week of church camp during which I received a black eye during a softball game.  ‘Reached up to catch a pop fly just as the sun shone over the top of my mitt, right into my eyes.  I missed catching the ball in the mitt and caught it in my left eye!  LAST time I’ve ever played right field!

(No, the photo is not of Greiner really … but those of you who know him or have ever met him know it could pass fairly closely!)  😉