John 2:12-24

Father, every bit of the person You’d have me to be, I long to be.


“…many people noticed the signs He was displaying and, seeing they pointed straight to God, entrusted their lives to Him.” (v23 MSG)

Thank You, Father, that even though I didn’t get to see Your Son’s works firsthand, You made it possible for me to see Him through Your Word.  You allow me to read about the things in Him which drew people to put their trust in Him.  And You draw me too.  I choose to “entrust my life to You.”

Make me a vessel of Your love to others.  In some ways, this will require heart and mind surgery on me by Your skillful, loving hands.  Fill me with YOU to the point where I find my needs, of all kinds, fully met in You and by You.  Ground me in a confidence that there is nothing I lack since I belong to You.  And with that assurance, free me to love others selflessly, in the way You love them.  I recognize that I can only be Your love to others when I am totally dependent on Jesus for my joy.  Oh, Father, help me to be so.

“Take my life and let it be consecrated, Lord, to Thee…” (from the hymn “Take My Life”).  Make me just like Jesus–more and more each day, week, month, year that You give me on this earth.  Take my eyes so totally off myself that I see nothing before me but the needs of others.