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Luke 3:1-20

Father, thank You for Jesus and the life I have in Him!


“…John, Zachariah’s son, out in the desert at the time, received a message from God.  He went all through the country around the Jordan River preaching a baptism of life-change leading to forgiveness of sins…” (v 2-3 MSG)

At a time when so many rulers, both political and religious, were gaining a name for themselves, You chose to speak through this son of a priest, John.  How wonderful that in Your eyes, Father, greatness isn’t gauged by what a person has or who a person is in this world.  Rather, You look on the heart and ascribe greatness according to the level of faith in You.

“…Prepare the way for the Lord; make straight paths for Him…” (v 4 NIV)

John was getting people ready for Your FIRST coming, Jesus.  Much of what he exhorted people with then is fitting for today, as I look forward to Your SECOND coming.  Guide me in the times ahead to remain FOCUSED on You, ATTENTIVE to Your Word (reading it regularly), and OBEDIENT to Your will.

“When crowds of people came out for baptism because it was the popular thing to do, John exploded: ‘Brood of snakes!  What do you think you’re doing slithering down here to the river?  Do you think a little water on your snake skins is going to deflect God’s judgment?  It’s YOUR LIFE THAT MUST CHANGE, NOT YOUR SKIN… What counts is Your life.  Is it green and blossoming?  Because if it’s deadwood, it goes on the fire.’ “(v 7-9 MSG)

Any change that I pursue must go deeper than the surface or the image I set forth.  My mind must change its thought patterns.  My thoughts must alter my heart, and both need to realign my actions to become fully changed.  Lord, You value internal reformation far above external ritual.  Keep me in line with what pleases Your heart.

“The crowd asked him, ‘Then what are we supposed to do?’…” (v 10-14 MSG)

As the people heard the admonition to be real in their change, they sought help from John in knowing how to change.  He told them to share what they had with those who were in need.  He called for excellence and fairness in each person’s work.  Then, he also told them to be content with their earnings.  Father, create in me these attitudes of generosity, excellence and contentment.

You used John to prepare the way for Jesus. You longed for people to open their hearts and accept the Messiah You sent.  Some did, while others couldn’t get past their own religious blindness.

Lord, here is MY heart.  I’ve given it to You in the past and I recommit myself to You today.  By Your Spirit within me, keep me faithful and make me a witness to others, as You daily make me just like Jesus.  Amen.

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