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Workplace Prayer

[‘was digging through some old papers & found this prayer written awhile back … seems rather applicable to most workplace settings]praying

Thank You, Papa God, that You are at work in the lives of EACH person who works where I work and who directs the affairs of where I work.
You will perfect and carry to completion Your work in them.
You will use each person to bring Your will to fruition.
May YOU be magnified in all things—You are Lord of all.
I can trust YOU.
You are so much bigger than everything.
You will show Yourself strong.
Help me to pray for each one, serve them, love them as You love me, expect and trust in Your work in them to continue, just as You work on me.

For those I work with who follow You, their identity is in YOU!
You live in us. We’re to be love wherever we go.

I am crucified with Christ; I live through You, dying to self.
I am free of myself and others can’t control me or make/break my days.
It’s all about You; it’s not about me.
People are not my barometer.
“Forgive them, Father , for they know not what they do”
Help me to manifest Your kind of love throughout today.
Help me to bless and not curse those who irritate or distract.
Love thinks the best of every person.

Guide me in taking every thought captive with the Word.
You love me AND those around me.
You’re perfecting each of us.
You want us to submit to one another.
Today, I acknowledge: I am a daughter of God—not merely a Christian.
Cause Your Word to become flesh in me this day.
Restore my nature back to that of love as You desire and intend.

Jesus, You were beaten, so I could be unbeatable.
Help me to wear Your presence as I go.
Make me righteousness conscious–You’ve made me righteous through Jesus’ death.
Guilt, shame, nor condemnation can’t touch me!
You, God, who are Love, live in each of us. Love never fails.
Those who trust in You will never be disappointed and never be put to shame.
I choose to submit to You and to resist the enemy.
Lord, be magnified!

Bring forth a spirit of unity among us today as we serve You by loving and serving others.
Help me to not be anxious about anything, but to give each thing to You.
I can rest in the finished work of Christ… letting patience have its perfect work, so I’ll not be lacking anything.
I rest with my Shepherd … my Caretaker.
You will do above and beyond whatever I could ask or think.

I am IN Christ—there is no condemnation.
Love covers over a multitude of sins.
You have given me everything I need for life and godliness.
Help me to love others and not see anyone from a worldly standpoint.
Help me live from a position of rest in You.
Be magnified, Lord!

(c) Kat Kreations

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